One week after Valentine’s Day. And love is still in the air. And so it is….

…because…..I love the journey.

Love the journey. It’s more important than the goal.

Have you ever heard of that statement? When I first heard it, I thought, yeah right. Love the journey? Are you out of your frigging mind? I want to get to that finished goal and as fast as possible.

Yes, reaching that goal is important. But the actual process of learning, growing, becoming into who we need to become is the real treasure that makes a wonderful life. Doing the work, making the time, staying focused are all part of the journey which makes the reward all the much sweeter. When we get to the end goal, we appreciate it so much more. We know what it took to get there. We did it through the struggles, through the hardship, through the adversity. And when we get there, we truly see who we are….who we have become.

Love the journey as much as the reward. 

Self Care Action Step:
Journal about your self care journey. Write down the challenges you are facing now, getting very detailed about how you feel. When you reach your end goal, look back on what you wrote. You will be amazed at how you grew, what you learned.


“Let me fall if I must. The one I become will catch me.” 

~Baal Shem Tov


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