You are a powerful being.

You are wise. You are strong. You are generous.

You are accomplished. You are fun.

But you don’t make yourself a priority.

Life gets in the way, you say. 

You feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and are juggling too many things to even have time for yourself.  You are at the bottom of the list, or you are not even on the list to take care of yourself. Listen, I know you are ready to walk boldly, fiercely, intentionally on the journey to become the woman you always wanted to be. But you can’t pour from an empty cup. You can’t transform if you don’t take the time to cocoon.

Hi, I’m Ronna

The work I do is about long-lasting transformation. I absolutely love to help women with self care and personal empowerment. I find meaning in the idea of getting the
work done in simple, practical, and significant ways.
Having spent years in a job and lifestyle that perpetuated bad self care habits, I simply changed my habits. Now, I am enjoying the rewards just by implementing good self care

When you work with me

Discipline, commitment and consistency are key behaviors I believe in.

By applying simple, practical and sensible self care habits, you can transform yourself to be your best self and live your best life. My years of experience have inspired me to create content, courses and coaching programs that help other women on their own journey to their best self. 


With simple habits to change your behavior, you too can transform yourself to be your best self and live your best life.

My Official Bio

I spent 25 years in law enforcement which brought years of stress, bad sleep, poor eating habits, physical strain, and long working hours effecting my mind, body, and soul.

understand the pressures and struggles of trying to make self care a priority.

I also know the rewards that have come from getting my life back together and making self care an integral part of my life.

By implementing simple and practical self care habits, it can and will have a huge impact on your level of happiness and joy.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology.

I am a licensed Social Worker in the State of Nevada.

I completed two Dale Carnegie programs in Human Relations and Communication.

I was honored to have received the Highest Award for Achievement in that second Dale Carnegie program.

For over two decades I have taught and trained hundreds of personnel about the principles and practices in law enforcement.

But above all of this, I want to help you make self care a priority so you are living your best life.

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Now for some fun facts…

At heart I am an adventurer, lover of curiosity, and believer in overcoming obstacles.

My life story includes a catalog of wild and crazy experiences I wouldn’t believe if I hadn’t been there myself:

  • Hiking in the Peru mountains to 19,000 feet.
  • Being one of the judges for a women’s body building contest.
  • Making the top 25 cut for police officer in a majority group of about 800 male candidates.
  • In an episode of a major TV series, Vegas, starring Robert Urich.
  • Being fortunate enough to have lived and/or traveled to four of the seven continents (for the record, my bucket list includes traveling to all seven of them).

I flew over the Pacific Ocean when I was only 4 months of age so travel and adventure is in my blood.

I believe in: laughter, simplicity, quality over quantity, positive psychology, and the power of quotes.

My non-negotiables are: physical activity and fitness, a cup of hot tea in the morning, and one See’s chocolate lollypop a day.

I absolutely love pink roses, being in nature, the comfort of animals, anything vintage, listening to a live symphony orchestra, enjoying live theatre, and eating brownies.

I am a Scorpio, an INFJ, and an Air Archetype.

My core values include:  Courage, Discipline, Curiosity, Personal Fulfillment, and Providing Support.

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