The morning is a great time to set the tone for the rest of your day.  Yet many of us get up with a to-do list on our mind, the upcoming meeting at work, or getting the kids up and ready for school.  If you are like most people, you set the alarm for just enough time to get dressed, get some breakfast, take a peek at the news, or get the kids off to school.  
Imagine how nice it would be if you had a whole extra hour in the morning to do some things you have been wanting to do.  Adding an extra hour to your day is an effective way to reduce stress and to give yourself the feeling of having much more time throughout the day.  Studies have shown that early risers are happier and more positive than people who wake up late.  
I love the time right before dawn where the morning is full of richness, peace, and simplicity.  I challenge you to give yourself that extra hour in the morning for things you want to do.  To get you thinking, here’s some ideas for you that includes one or more of the following:  
– Listen to a podcast that’s inspirational.
– Take a short walk with your dog.
– Enjoy a leisurely cup of tea or coffee.
– Do some stretching exercises.
– Sit outside in nature listening to the sounds of an early morning.
– Journal.
– Listen to your favorite music.
– Make a green smoothie to enjoy.
– Read from a book that interests you.
– Unplug from social media.  
– Play with your pet.
Waking up early may be hard but with baby steps, you can start improving the quality of your life.  You don’t have to get up an hour earlier everyday.  I give myself that extra hour three times a week right now.  You may want to try twice a week initially to see how it feels for you and then work up to more days.  Or you can try a half hour first if you absolutely cannot do an hour.  The choice is always yours. I ask you to give it a go and see what that extra hour can bring to you!  Set a positive tone for your day!


“Each morning we are born again. What we do with today is what matters most.” 

                                         – The Buddha


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