Are you tired of getting asked, “What’s your new year’s resolutions”? You’ve heard it many times…..people make resolutions, then by the end of January or the first of February most people have abandoned their resolutions. So why even bother?

It’s good to have some goals for yourself. It keeps you motivated, keeps you energized and alive, helps you expand, and helps to find your joy. So I say, “Heck yes!” to having resolutions, but I say let’s reframe what we call it. How about instead of using the word “resolutions,” let’s call them intentions, priorities, or innovations.

To decide on what your intentions, priorities, or innovations are for 2021, just start by brainstorming. Start writing down all the ideas you have about what you want to make your top intentions for yourself. Don’t think if any will be feasible, just start jotting down what comes to you. Don’t think about the “how” in getting there. That’s a mistake many people make. They have an idea, then they immediately think of how will I do this or how will I get there. I think that just crushes the process of brainstorming and stops the possibilities of your dreams. Forget the “how” for now. Just write the damn thing down!

Don’t self-eliminate before you even get started!

After you have brainstormed, find three main priorities to work on this year. You don’t want too many priorities, because then you will overwhelm yourself and not finish any of them. So, three is a good solid number. Remember, you can always add more to your list as you complete them. This is where you really think about what is doable; this is where you look at the “how”. Be reasonable but also challenge yourself. You are more powerful than you think you are!

Because I truly believe it’s important to balance the three pillars of wellness…mind, body, and soul…..I will suggest you find a priority from each of those pillars. Self care embodies all three of those areas to have the maximum benefit. Of course, you are the master of what you want to achieve, so make the right choices for you.

Final thoughts…

  • Some goals are ongoing and never really get completed.  A goal of better self care is one you must practice your entire life.
  • New goals can be added once you complete any of your main goals.
  • You can do this one small step at a time.
  • The beauty of setting your intentions, priorities, or innovations is not only the achievement, but who you become in the process.

Self Care Action Step:
Start brainstorming today! Remember, don’t self-eliminate before you even get started. Next, just start on your intentions, priorities, or innovations!


“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.”
– Chinese proverb


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