Hey everyone! I returned from Antarctica two weeks ago and to a whole new way of life! I am totally stunned with what has happened to our world. I am trying to process this and give myself the space needed to do so. What you feel like you need to do right now is totally fine.

By now, I’m sure you have kept informed of the status of the COVID-19 in your community as well as nationwide and worldwide, and what you need to do to keep yourself safe and your family safe. This is a global challenge and overwhelming to us all.

I am under self-quarantine since I have returned to be safe for myself and for others. I had no supply of fresh produce, so I did go grocery shopping once and that was a very interesting experience.  Who would think grocery shopping would be such a challenge?

One thing I’d like you to keep in mind is this…..it’s not the challenges we face, it’s how we choose to respond to them.

I think one of the best things we can do is to keep a routine.  Now is the time for new routines.  The more you stick to them, the easier and automatic they become.  Having structure and consistency will create a sense of normalcy.

Here are some ideas in keeping a routine:

  • Stick to a morning and evening ritual
  • Have projects
  • Stay connected with your family and friends
  • Take good care of yourself

Stick to a morning and evening ritual
It will help you start your day on a positive note and help you wind down in the evening for a better night’s sleep.  It will also give you a sense of control in a time where much is out of our control.

Have projects
They will give you focus and distract you from the never-ending flow of negative news.  I’m doing spring-cleaning around my house.  I pulled weeds from my yard last week.  I’m going to organize my travel photos. Clean and organize your jewelry.  Empty, sort, and clear your bedside table. Clean up your emails and unsubscribe to unwanted emails.

Stay connected with your family and friends
Just because we cannot see each other face-to-face right now doesn’t mean we should detach ourselves from each other.  In fact, it’s the opposite.  We need each other even more than ever. Reach out to your loved ones and check-in on them.  Share ideas and tips on what to do while staying home. Reminisce about shared experiences.  Stay connected on FaceTime, Skype, land line, text message, group FaceTime, or other means you use.

Take good care of yourself
Eat as nutritionally as you can, drink plenty of fluids, and do a lot of self-pampering.  Get creative with cooking since supermarkets are short on fresh produce.  Do one self-pampering act a day. Take a walk and enjoy nature.

Many of us are staying at home and asked to self-isolate to protect ourselves and other.  Listen to this advice. Then get creative. You might not be able to go to the restaurant, gym, group gatherings, or even see your friends. But you can make a home-cooked meal and eat it with relaxing music.  You can exercise at home.  You can walk your dog or take a jog in your neighborhood.  Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t.

There is no time frame as to when things will go back to “normal”, but we do know our lives will never be the same.  As Brene Brown says…..”This pandemic is a massive experiment in collective vulnerability. We can be our worst selves when we are afraid, or our very best, bravest selves.  In the context of fear and vulnerability, there is often very little in between because when we are uncertain and afraid, our default is self-protection.  We don’t have to be scary when we’re scared.  Let’s chose brave and kindness. And let’s choose each other.”


Stay well, take care of yourself and family, 

and find a way to connect with people you love.


If this post resonates with you, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.  Also if you think that there are people in your world who would benefit from receiving my self care tips, please do forward or share this post.