Think back to a time when you were driving in your car and your favorite song came on the radio. You immediately felt happy and started singing your heart away.  Or remember a time when you just left a great musical concert or a movie that moved you, lifted you, or made you feel good. Think back to how you felt.

I heard a new song on SiriusXM radio the other day and I loved it so much.  It instantly changed my mood and I felt happy.  Since then I’ve been listening to songs and music more regularly. I forgot how much they can lift my spirits in an instant.  I even started dancing away with my crazy self 🙂

Now I’m asking you to consciously listen to music on a regular basis. Don’t wait for your favorite song to come on by chance. Create those happy moments and good feelings purposely with music. With technology it is so simple.

When you want to lift your spirits, music is your secret weapon. Some people take pills when they are down, but I suggest you pop in your favorite artists. When you listen to your favorite tunes, it changes your physiology and your mood.  Music has the power to touch you in a deep level. Studies have shown music makes you feel better even after you have stopped listening.

Tips and tricks for listening to music:

  • Create different playlists for yourself to evoke different moods.
  • Explore different music genres or styles of music. You may find a new artist that really touches or motivates you.
  • Try listening to just sounds like rain, ocean waves, or simply instrumental music.
  • Instead of watching the news in the morning, motivate yourself with music.
Need a boost? Listen to music!

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
~Berthold Auerbach


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