Wow!!! Didn’t 2019 go by so fast? It did for me! With this new year, new decade coming upon us, I thought it’s only appropriate to start this new decade with a bang!
Now is the time to really get focused to live your best life. This I know for sure……life is fragile… is so short. There is so many exciting, challenging, intriguing, interesting, fun things to experience in our lives. So what are you waiting for?
I’m kicking off the year 2020 with my“Live Life Now!”.….the road to a better life in 2020 and beyond series. I see it as a lifestyle change and not a quick fix for a better life. Put simply, you can live a better life with simple and practical habits. When you take action consistently with those new habits, they become a lifestyle routine and no longer habits. Easy, peasy!

Starting a new year can give you a great feeling, a chance to start over, a reason to move forward. Before we talk about specific habits, goals, or resolutions, it’s very important to look at the things you have accomplished or who you have become over the past 12 months. This is important so you can better see what things worked well, what didn’t, and what you want to change. We start the “Live Life Now!” series with looking at your accomplishments this past year. (Or you can even reflect on the last decade).
Celebrate your accomplishments:
Let’s get a fresh start on the new year by first reflecting on all you have accomplished over the last year.
Make a list of the 25 things…..yes, 25 things…’ve accomplished and done right this past 12 months (I know you can do this!). Include anything related to your mind, your body, and your soul. Over the next week, write down your ideas as you think of them…..keep a sheet of paper on your desk, in your appointment book, on your fridge…..or make note of them on your phone. Make this easy. Jot down ideas as you think of them throughout the day.
Some prompts to get you thinking:
  • Did you learn a new skill?
  • Increase your knowledge of a topic?
  • Make new friends?
  • Get rid of clutter? (including physical, technological, mental, or emotional)
  • Take an adventure that scared you?
  • Did you read a good book?
  • Help a co-worker or even a stranger?
  • Improve your health in any way?
  • Push thru a fear?
  • Give back to your community?
  • Create anything?
  • Enhance a relationship with a family member?
Remember this is your list, so there is no pressure to list only grandiose accomplishments. Start your list now! My 25 Things I’ve Accomplished in 2019…..or My 25 Things I’ve Accomplished in the last Decade.
Have fun with this! You’ll see you really did some amazing things and did things you thought you couldn’t do. You’ll feel more confident as you move forward to the next year and decade for the things you want to accomplish.
Join me next week as we continue on in the “Live Life Now!” series. It’s going to be good!
Celebrate you!

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.”
– Lucille Ball


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