Plan A is always the first choice. The one where everything works out. Until it doesn’t. Then you are dealing with life’s upside-down, topsy-turvy, wasn’t planning that to happen. Most often then not, Plan B is the choice you are dealing with.

This is where the real test of a person’s character comes in.  Do you sink or swim? Do you wallow in self-pity or simply shift gears and make the best of it?

There are so many times for me when Plan B was what I went with. Whether when I was traveling and because of the weather, I went with Plan B.  Or I arrived to a restaurant where the wait time was way too long and I decided to find another restaurant, I went with Plan B.  Or I had an outfit ready for an event and when I put it on, I saw it had a tear in it, I went with Plan B.

Think of the times you went to your Plan B.  Wasn’t it many times than you realize?  And didn’t everything turn out fine?

Having a Plan B = Less stress, Less frustration, More calm, More happiness. 

My point is this…..always have a Plan B…..because Plan B can work out just fine as well.

Self Care Action Step:
Be aware and cognizant of having a Plan B and have a Plan B.


“How you handle life depends on how you handle Plan B,

or if you have a Plan B.”
~Nelson DeMille


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