Well it’s August and half way through 2020.  We’re still living with this pandemic and the coronavirus. Honestly, when this virus first came to light, I thought it would be over by the end of the summer, then thought by the end of this year. Now with the way things are progressing, this virus is not something that we’ll just be over with.  I think that’s what we are all hoping for.  We want a vaccine, getting an inoculation, the virus ending, and getting on with our life. Unfortunately, I think it will be something we live with well into next year.

Coronavirus has consumed my mindset and affected my way of living more than I want it to.  I’ve been overly cautious and extremely aware to be safe. And it has really affected me. I let it infect my mind and bring sickness to my heart as a means of self-protection. Now, I have accepted the coronavirus will probably be here for a while.  I have dug deep and thought about how I’m going to live my life from this point forward. The best I can do at this time is to shift my attitude while keeping safety at the top of my awareness.  I thought today’s blog may be of help if you’re struggling like me.

Living life in the present moment is what we need to embrace right now. Tomorrow is not promised.  Yesterday is gone.  We should be intensely aware of this and mindfulness is at the core of this.  So I’ve created a list of ideas to cultivate awareness and more presence in our daily life.  This way when life gets a bit hectic, we can remember to enjoy life with little joys we have right now.

Tips for being present daily:

  • Listen to your body
  • Be okay with not knowing all the answers
  • Savor your rituals
  • Be thankful of your friends
  • Get away from the digital world
  • Celebrate tiny joys

Listen to your body…
It has been a roller coaster ride for my feelings and my body. Some days I feel great, other days I feel overwhelmed, and then other days I feel depressed. One of the best ways to be present is to do what your body tells you.  If you need a nap, take the nap.  If you need to move, take a walk.  If you need energy, put the music on and dance. If you’re craving that cupcake, have one. If you’re feeling overworked, take that soothing bath.

Be okay with not knowing all the answers…
This one has really been challenging for me.  Uncertainty can make you feel lost, unprepared, worried, nervous, and inadequate.  We want the answers to our problems immediately.  We want to know there will be a happy ending and we will be okay.  Not knowing how to handle certain situations can lead to self-doubt and self-criticism. Instead of trying to find the answers immediately, just go with the flow of life while being safe and sensible about living.

Savor your rituals…
Having daily rituals will keep you grounded and in the present moment.  I sip a cup of tea every morning. It brings me comfort and a bit of peace to my day. Whatever you do as your daily ritual, keep at it.

Be thankful of your friends…
I am so grateful for having friends and those who check up on me.  Knowing I have their support and just being there for me makes all the difference.  I would also add, “Be the contact” which means you be the one to initiate reaching out to your friends to check on them.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

Get away from the digital world…
Oh the digital world…..this can be destructive or helpful depending on how you use it. Spend time everyday away from your computer, laptop, or smartphone. Make a conscious effort to stay away from the internet.  Do something else without an electronic device nearby.

Celebrate tiny joys…
I love the very early morning when the world is quiet…the sun is almost rising…outside noise is at a minimum…it’s a fresh new day.  I feel calm, alive, happy….the early morning is my tiny joy. Celebrate the tiny joys as much as the big ones.

I will live my life with a bit more normalcy but continue to keep my guard up.  I will continue to practice the safety protocols and keep informed of the coronavirus, but I will not let it control my life. Instead of living with a fear-based mindset, I’m going to live with a strong and powerful mindset where I’m in control of how I live my life.

Remember this time is one moment in a lifetime of moments. A temporary experience. Yes, we are in challenging times, but challenges were made to overcome. We can shift our mindset to notice the noise in our mind has quieted a little and the mental chatter has changed.

“We take care of the future best by taking care of the present now.”
-Jon Kabat-Zinn


If this post resonates with you, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.  Also if you think that there are people in your world who would benefit from receiving my self care tips, please do forward or share this post.