Can you believe the new year is right around the corner?!  Starting a new year can give you a great feeling, a chance to start over, a reason to move forward.  Before we talk about resolutions or goals, it’s important to look at the things you have accomplished or who you have become over the past 12 months.

Reflect on your accomplishments.

So let’s get a fresh start on the new year by first reflecting on all you have accomplished over the last year. Make a list of 25 things (yes, 25….I know you can do it) you’ve accomplished this past 12 months.  Remember to include things involving your mind, body, and soul.  
Some prompts to help you:  
  • Did you learn a new skill?  
  • Read a great book?  
  • Make new friends?  
  • Help a co-worker or stranger?  
  • Push thru a fear?  
  • Give back to your community?
  • Enhance a relationship with a family member?  
  • Take care of your health?  
  • Become a better listener?  
Over the next week as things come to your mind, keep a list on your phone, at your desk, or wherever is a good place for you to jot them down.  Remember this is your list, so there is no pressure to list only grandiose accomplishments. 
Start your list now!  My 25 things I’ve accomplished in 2018…..
Have fun with this! You’ll see you really did some amazing things and did things you thought you couldn’t do.  You’ll feel more confident as you move forward to the next year for the things you want to accomplish.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below about  your list of 25 accomplishments. Feel free to share all or some of them!  Also, if you think that there are people in your world who would benefit from receiving my self care notes, please do forward or share this post.