When you hear the term, “self care,” what do you think of?  Bubble baths, reading a book, a scoop of ice cream, naps? Do you ever feel like the term, “self care” has lost its meaning?

While bubble baths and ice cream may be great ways to replenish your well being and self care in the moment, let’s look at self care in more broader ways. True “self care” encompasses so much more in your life. In my opinion, it’s a way of life… it’s the way you treat yourself regularly…it’s the direction you want your life to go. And to do that, you must “fill your tank” on a consistent basis with a lifestyle of healthy routines, ones that nurture your mind, body, and soul.

Do you fill your “self care tank” by having coffee with a friend who takes all your “fuel” in a matter of minutes?

When you are doing your job, do you work and work until you are exhausted enough to puncture a hole in your “self care tank” that empties out all of your energy?

Do you think you should do it all because that’s what “successful” people do until you begin to notice you can’t sleep well, or you experience having tension or being irritable frequently?

Here’s what we do. We get back just enough energy to make it through the never-ending “to-do lists” and our long days. Do you do what is not aligned with a healthy you just to replenish yourself so you can make it through another day, week, or month? Do you use “self care” just to soothe yourself instead of nurturing a healthy you?

Own your life by being the agent of your own life. Take the time to “fill your tank” by taking consicous small steps day to day with loving actions to you. Even when times get tough to do the self care, because when you keep going, trust me, you will see results.

Self Care Action Step:
I challenge you to be more mindful of about how you spend your resources…your time, your money, your energy.  Is it in alignment with a better you?


“Go where your energy is reciprocated, celebrated, and appreciated.”
~ Anonymous


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