Hello February! I love the month of February…..for one, it’s the birth month of my nephew. It’s also the month where we see red colors, pink colors, hearts, flowers, chocolate candy, love notes, cute lingerie, heart balloons, cute stuffed animals, heart-shaped candles, love-inspired kitchen gadgets.…..love surrounds us!

So this month, let us love ourselves more. It’s so easy to criticize ourselves. Perhaps you are not too happy with how you look, or how much money you are making, or you are too shy. Stop.

Instead of hitching a ride on Negative Nelly again, write down at least 3 things you admire about yourself (a list of 3 is short enough to remember but long enough to spark your brain). Stay true to yourself as you write your list. Do you whip up a mean homemade dish? Do you write or video amazing content? Are you good with children? Do you paint unique art? Are you a compassionate person? Are you good at accessorizing clothing? Do you sew cute things?

What ever it is, write it down and then post it somewhere you know you’ll see it every day. You can be reminded how awesome you are each and every day.

Self Care Action Step:
Write yourself a love list this week! Then post it where you see it every day.


“I don’t like myself. I’m crazy about myself.”
~ Mae West


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