Signs of Spring are showing in many places.  In fact, Spring officially started yesterday in the Northern Hemisphere. I thought some words about spring cleaning your office area (work office and/or home office) would be appropriate.  Since we spend a good amount of our time in our work space, it’s important to make sure our work environment isn’t harmful to our health.  The consequences of working in an unhealthy office environment can become more serious over time.  
You might want to consider the following:

1.  How clean is your office?  Make sure your area is cleaned on a regular basis. Get rid of clutter and piles.  If you work for a company that uses a cleaning service, its ok to do some final touch-up cleaning yourself.  It’s your work area, so make sure the cleanliness is to your satisfaction.  

2.  How is the lighting?  Check out the lighting near your desk or the light reflected on your computer screen.  Some overhead fluorescent lighting can cause your eyes to water or itch.  You might want to consider getting a small, bright desk lamp.  Too much lighting or too little lighting can effect your mood and atmosphere of any office.    

3.  Does your office have creature comforts?  You can be much more comfortable and productive when you actually enjoy your work space.  Add some life to your office such as…..a flowering plant or fresh flowers…..your favorite artwork or photographs……a comfortable pillow for your chair……a sheepskin foot warmer under your desk.

As you spend time creating a healthier work environment, think of this as an investment in your professional success.  Once you have created a healthy, happy office, you’ll be healthier.  You’ll have more energy, be more relaxed, and be in a better mood.  

Self Care Action Step:
Start with one area and get going on the changes this week!  Happy Spring Cleaning!

“Analyze your life in terms of its environment. Are the things around you helping you toward success…or are they holding you back?”
~ W. Clement Stone



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